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Mold Removal in Kansas City

Mold Removal - 300x300Here at FreshStart we prefer to discuss mold removal by using two key words “safe” and “controlled”.  When mold is found in a property the homeowner or maintenance person often respond with one prevailing thought, “Remove it!  Quickly!”  Almost like the person that who is injured and has some sharp object lodged in their body, (pocket knife) the response is “ouch-pull it out”.   Medical professional tell us not to do this ourselves rather go to the hospital because uncontrolled removal of the object  will only cause further damage (possible severely).   Such is the case with mold removal as well.  The professional who has been trained to safely remove mold is much more likely to do so achieving the listed priorities for mold removal, “Safely” and “with control”.

If caution and precautions are not exercised in removing mold contamination will of the property will be the result.  For example, when undisturbed fungi is growing it will possibly give off “micotoxins” as it sporilates and when the mold is dormant it can also produce allergens.   When the mold is disturbed through removal the mold spores/toxins become airborne and are then carried through the air which is when they can be inhaled by humans or animals alike.  When the spores have been inhaled they can begin creating health problems not limited to upper repertory problems.

Containment Barriers

The EPA, the IICRC and others have created guidelines to follow in order to remove the mold so that no potential harm will be done to the Mold Containment Barrieroccupants.   This is done through creating a controlled environment by building a plastic containment chamber around the contaminated area which enables for safe mold removal and ultimately restoring the property to a safe living space.  This is why we suggest consulting a professional to determine if the amounts of mold present in your home is large enough to justify hiring a professional to perform the mold removal.   If there is visible mold growth then we really don’t see the need to test for mold as the sign of visible fungi is evidence enough that there is a mold problem and according to the EPA it should be removed.

What to Expect

When a FreshStart mold specialist arrives at your home he will begin to examine the property and search for signs of water damage and or water leaks that have taken place.  We will use a moisture meter to check for excessive moisture content in building materials and also for elevated levels of humidity.   Both of these items can cause and or support microbial growth.  This inspection is non evasive in nature but when mold is suspected behind base boards or under carpet it becomes necessary to remove a small amounts building materials to really find the source of mold.  We also utilize the use of an inspection camera to inspect  under things like washing machines, in wall cavities, etc.  Our inspector’s goal is to spend enough time in your property to gain a good understanding of all the potential sources and to acquire an accurate projection of the extent of the damage/contamination.  This information enables our mold professional to then provide a thorough and substantial solution to the situation.  We think of this way, there is always a holistic problem (many variables) and we desire to provide a holistic solution.  We will talk about mold testing in our mold testing segment.

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